Estate Planning


Nothing is more important to you than your loved ones, and you care about their future.  You work hard at your job and run your business with devotion so you can provide for your family.  You try to think about retirement and how you will manage.  You think about your cost of living and tax liabilities now, and after you pass.  At the end of the day, your loved ones are your legacy, but maybe you can do something more.  Our experienced legacy and estate planning attorney offers trusted, service-oriented legacy and estate planning advice.   

Many people believe that estate planning is nothing more than signing a bunch of legal documents.  In reality, every person’s estate plan should be unique and tailored to them.  Documents you might need to accomplish your goals may include a will (whether a simple will or a complex will), living trust (also called a revocable trust or inter vivos trust), durable power of attorney, advance health care directive (also called a living will), irrevocable trusts for asset protection, or other documents.   

These types of documents are just the beginning when you work with Elle Van Dahlgren Law, LLC.    An estate plan prepared by our firm reflects you, your family, and what is most important to you.  We ask questions and – more importantly – listen to the answers to make sure that each of your documents actually works when you need it most.  We assist you to ensure that:  

  • You understand your options to protect your home, assets, and business from creditors 

  • You have the legal support you need if you develop a medical condition or otherwise need help managing your finances or making medical decisions during your lifetime  

  • You leave your important possessions, assets, and belongings to the people you want to benefit after your passing by preparing a will or trust 

  • You name the best people to serve as your agent under a power of attorney, health care agent under your health care directive, executor under your will, trustee of your trust, and guardian of your minor children  

  • Your children are properly cared for by the people you want to care for them if something should happen to you  

  • Your business is taken care of if you become seriously ill, injured, or pass away 

  • You take full advantage of estate tax, inheritance tax, and/or probate planning to make sure that your beneficiaries inherit rather than the state or federal government receiving your assets 

Our goal is to make the estate planning process as simple and stress-free as possible and give you the peace of mind you deserve, and our clients regularly tell us how surprised they were to find how easy and comfortable they found the estate planning process with Elle Van Dahlgren Law, LLC.

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